About Tamanu Oil

Originated from the Polynesian islands. From ancient times, it is considered as " Miracle Panacea of Skin Disease" 100% Organic Oil Rare and Pure. It's natural moisturizing agent holds Anti Aging Antibacterial, Anti -Inflammatory. Analgesic traits quick absorbency, and deep penetration capability " Sacred Oil" has been used as herbal medicine for many generations amongst the Polynesians.



Certified Organic

Grown and processed in accordance with NOP standards and guidelines and is certified by Organic Certifiers infinitum.



Grown and cultivated in the wild and NOT commercially farmed.



Grown and harvested without use of harmful pesticides.




Oils are medical food grade, we do not advise the use of essential oils for internal use unless they are prescribed by your health care provider and certified aromatherapist. Only your health care provider and certified aromatherapist can prescribe the proper dosage and usage. Please check with your health care professional and certified aromatherapist before ingesting any essential oils.


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